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  • If Our Children Can Build Robots, They Can Achieve So Much

    Posted on   2/26/2014  5:17 PM

    Last month, a group of our youth attended Teen Leader’s Sleep Over --- a two-day event in Miami that concentrated on two important topics: technology and healthy eating.

    In a roomy warehouse, our teens learned the basics about robotics technology. In just two days, they figured out how to assemble functioning robots.

    At the same time, they were taught about nutrition and eating right, from the time they wake up to the time they go to bed.

    Most importantly, as they learned, ate and slept in the same building, our teens got a crash course on team building – how to work together, overcome challenges together, and succeed together as a group.

    Individually, these teens have hardships as children of prisoners. But as a group, they put their energy toward bonding, building robotic applications, and understanding the importance of vegetables in their diets, instead of dealing with their other day-to-day challenges.

    It was a powerful example of how much these children can achieve once they put their minds to it.

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