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  • Legislation Aims to Keep Prisoners Closer to Home

    Posted on   4/11/2012  1:13 PM

    In New York, new legislation is being considered to keep prisoners closer to their families.

    When a parent is sent to prison, he or she is usually far from home -- thus reducing the changes of often-struggling families from staying connected and working on repairing their troubles.

    The proposed legislation would house parents closer to their children, allowing visitation to be more frequent – and giving incarcerated parents a reason to try harder to get home, New York Daily News reports.

    "The data tells us that when parents are connected to their children they want to come back to society and become productive members of society," Senator Gustavo Rivera told the News.

    If approved, a pilot program would start for 60 prisoners.

    There’s a lot of great potential here. It would reduce prison overcrowding and give families separated by incarceration a way to get closer.

    Should this be considered in other states?

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