Services for Children Services for Children
Our directors, staffs and volunteers are racially, ethnically, religiously and demographically reflective of the communities we serve and the population of our children and their incarcerated parents.

Professionally, we are social workers, researchers, pastors, criminal justice professionals, educators, journalists, and technology specialists. Our broad diversity and life experiences yields tremendous benefits as we work best serve and understand perspectives of the children, their caregivers and their parents.

In all, Children of Inmates is made up of staff and a network of 10 organizations that follow best-practice business principles centered upon maximizing the strengths of each organization for the well being of the children and families impacted by the program.

The structure of our network is based on trust, equality, consistency, transparency and discipline. As an example, all program staff and partners meet on the first Thursday of every month to discuss all aspects of the program. To date, we have conducted more than 85 operational meetings.

As a research influenced program, we rigorously measure program impact and client progress using research methodology -- constructing databases that account for each child, caregiver, and parent, and the types of services they receive.

Without the collaboration, it would be impossible to foster the breadth of organizational and individual cultures we have molded together.


Children of Inmates’ 10 partner organizations are geographically situated throughout Florida and are thus accessible to the children and their families. Our Care Coordination Centers leverage existing partnerships and community resources to provide wrap around case management for the children and families impacted by parental incarceration.