Services for Children Services for Children
Every year, hundreds of children of incarcerated parents participate in our programs. Our staff and partners strive to positively impact the lives of our children and their caregivers, and so we constantly offer opportunities for our young people to get the services they need to excel in life.

Our programs for children include:

  • Going on trips to visit their incarcerated parents, when appropriate. The trips assist in the development of a positive bond between parent and child. COI takes children on Bonding Visits to more than a dozen correctional institutions from Miami to Tampa to Jacksonville. Each trip is supervised by our staff and trained volunteers.
  • Providing referrals to our social services partners that can best serve the needs of the children and their families. Many families do not seek services because they are scared or intimidated by the paperwork that must be filled out. We help guide them through this often-confusing process.
  • Offering support groups and leadership training. Our partners have a range of social and support activities that we make available to our children. In many cases, we provide transportation to ensure that our children can take advantage of opportunity to socialize and learn with their peers.