Family Visits Bus Trips
Children of Inmates takes our mission to heart.

We assure that our children with incarcerated parents have opportunities to be cared for and supported in their development by responsible adults, helping professionals, and others in their communities.

We accomplish this vision through a multi-skilled, multidisciplinary team approach that aims:
  • To identify the children of inmates in need of support and link them with appropriate helping organizations and services.
  • To strengthen bonds between children and their caregivers, including the incarcerated parent(s) when appropriate, by providing support groups and hosting letter writing nights.
  • To mitigate childhood trauma caused by the arrest of parents by engaging law enforcement, social services, and the public in understanding the needs of children.
  • To increase the likelihood of successful reunification with incarcerated parents by supporting communication with parents while they are incarcerated.
  • To raise community awareness and knowledge through advocacy for children of inmates and their needs.