Children of Inmates, Inc. has recognized eight Florida leaders who have championed the cause of helping children of incarcerated parents.

One state legislator and seven Florida Department of Corrections (FDOC) staff members recently were inducted at Florida State Capitol Rotunda into the “Children of Inmates League of Superheroes” for being instrumental in the growth, programmatic development and overall success of the Children of Inmates program.

The inductees are: Joe Negron, a Florida state senator, and Tim Sadberry, Patrick Mahoney, Larry Olsen, Lars Severson, Kara Williams, Jan Ingraham and Kim Southerland, all from FDOC.

“These individuals have exhibited a sincere interest and commitment to improving the lives of children impacted by parental incarceration,” said Shellie Solomon, president of Children of Inmates. “They have not only voiced their support but have been proactive, helping children directly and indirectly with their actions.”

At the ceremony on Jan. 14, after remarks by FDOC Secretary Julie Jones, each inductee was presented with a “Children of Inmates League of Superheroes” personalized comic book cover, symbolic of his/her heroic support in raising awareness of the children and associated impacts arising from parental incarceration.

This year’s inductees were the second class in the “Children of Inmates League of Superheroes.” They joined last year’s honorees of elected officials, FDOC staff members and community supporters: Yolanda Cash Jackson, Florida Senator Audrey Gibson, Florida Senator Arthenia Joyner, Florida Senator Rob Bradley, Florida Representative Mia Jones, Florida Representative Kionne McGhee, Ann Casey, Brian Reidl, Dr. Kerensa Lockwood, and Willie Bowens.

Congratulations to all the new and old inductees! Thanks for making a big difference in the lives of our children.