Silent Victims of Crime (SVC)

Located in Miami, SVC provides logistical bonding visit coordination and youth enrichment opportunities for the Children of Inmates program. SVC coordinates leadership development and service learning opportunities for youth enrolled in Children of Inmates.

Silent Victims of Crime (SVC) mission is to end the intergenerational cycle of incarceration by leading youth to be “college bound.” Keep in mind – the cost of incarceration in federal prisons is $25,895 per year, while the cost of a public college 4-year degree is $8,310 per year.

SVC works to create national awareness that encourages further studies and programs through presentations, mailings, events and mentoring activities. The goal of SVC is to cultivate a national collaborative effort based on the 5 Circles of Support model: youth empowerment, parents’ and caregivers’ programs, community services and programs, transportation, mentoring and peer support.


Phone: 305-482-3339

Address: 2961 SW 19th TER, Miami, Florida 33145