Justice & Security Strategies, Inc. (JSS)

JSS serves as the research experts for the Children of Inmates program. In this capacity, JSS develops research strategies, training staff on criminal justice issues, evaluating performance and program impact, and strengthening relationships with the criminal justice community.

JSS has extensive experience in working collaboratively with law enforcement, homeland security, health care, and other social and public services. The firm routinely advocates for, and expedites the forming of, important partnerships that will best serve the needs of targeted populations.

To date, JSS has played an integral part in the process of establishing Children of Inmates by defining and solving problems as they emerge. Moving forward, JSS continues to assist in building the operational infrastructure, developing research and advocacy materials, training staff, evaluating performance against our benchmarks, build relationships with the criminal justice community and conducting public outreach to raise awareness of, and within, the at-risk youth population we are trying to reach.

Website: www.jssinc.org

Phone: (888) 757- KIDZ(5439)