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  • Holiday Season Tough on Children of Prisoners

    Posted on   12/12/2012  3:44 PM

    Ah, the winter holiday season – it’s a great time of year for festivities, gift-giving, and being with family.

    But for many children of prisoners, the holidays aren’t always so merry.

    The sights and sounds of the season can trigger social isolation, irritability, and nightmares for children who are separated from their loved ones behind bars.

    Unlike their peers, most children of inmates don’t get to see their parents for Christmas, much less get a gift from them. The feelings of loneliness and depression can be exacerbated when the children see their friends spending time with family and playing with new toys.

    No child deserves to feel forgotten and alone. Children of incarcerated parents should not suffer during the holidays, or any other time of year, for their parents’ mistakes.


    That’s why our Service Network for Children of Inmates takes hundreds of children to see their parents in prison during the winter holidays. We also have a toy drive so that our children will get nice gifts on Christmas.

    Do you support children’s causes like ours at this time of year? Share your reasons for doing so below.

    Let’s give children of prisoners something to look forward to. Contact us today if you want to donate toys or if you want to volunteer for one of our prison bonding trips in the future. Contact us here.

    Happy holidays!!

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